Thursday, 24 September 2015

more sijo

Presence felt despite absence – the real power, now gone, no more.

You chose it, we accept it; your memories though unforgotten.

The river flows despite everything, the joy of flowing who’s to feel?


He embraced her full blown Love in Night’s shelter, out of Danger.

In wait lay Morning and Light to reveal them to Seeking Eyes.

Mother Earth understood it all; she slowed down her move graciously.


I walked out; the sun was bright, the day too hot and I wondered

why again the rising heat and yet normal, people so cool?

September came with the answer, spraying the air with perfume of love.


September, as you arrive August seems far and forgotten;

yet it feels July dropped by just yesterday, gifting us heat.

And love says it will visit soon; I wait and wonder when and why.


Faceless Fear, you walk about conquering all with your soft touch.

Robot-like, we wait for more; our steps not ours, heavy, noisy. 

September, you visit and leave; do we even say hi or bye?


The morning brought great sunshine, promising smiles, and then you came -

your Self strong; the energy travelled so fast, my soul hit hard.

The sun hid, perhaps the effect of those silent cries it hears well.