Thursday, 25 April 2019

no matter

no matter
how we justify
our silly actions
the consequences
are for us alone
to bear
to cry over

connect the dots
our own actions 
come to light
blaming others
a weak cover-up

the point is there is money

there is money
but the bulk in a few accounts
and it spills
for the wrong reasons

quenching the thirst
of the un-thirsty
satiating the hunger 
of the un-hungry
clothing the clothed

while the thirsty
the hungry
 the un-clothed
remain unheeded
also for the wrong reasons

they aren't glamorous
they aren't glittery
they aren't grand
in appearance

the point is
there is money
but spilled
for the wrong reasons

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Each one's own

He saw the world
as a garden, and
they found it weird
that he dug, planted,
watered, weeded.
They didn't find him
reading books
and they thought
he was stupid.

He looked at them,
and he thought
how lazy they were;
all they did was sit
and read books.

“Look at him!”
How shabby!”

“Look at their hands!
How smooth!
Never worked!”

But, there are gardens,
and there are books;
they both exist! We 
choose. One. Maybe both.
Something else, perhaps?



The mind’s eye -
it perceives; it
makes meaning
from its own reality.

Each one's own...

Saturday, 6 April 2019

you are in the best part of me

I have had you with me since 2004.
That was the year you were conceived
in my head. A year later, you were born...
my first chapter. One chapter at a time,
you grew and then stopped growing.
Life changes happened. Drastic changes.
They have kept me preoccupied ... in ways
incomparable to the way you kept me preoccupied,
but I had to make hard choices. My love for you
remains in the depth of my heart, but to keep life alive
these preoccupations are necessary. My heart must go on
beating for the hearts around me, in need of me; and also
for you to reside in safely, for you to grow to your full potential,
till your last chapter is complete. I wait to clothe you in finery,
your copies to reach many hands. I wait for you to be the reason
they smile, the reason their souls are stirred. Do not think
you're forgotten, my dear, you're in the best part of me,
where empathy flourishes. With each beat of my heart,
each drop of compassion oozing out, you are nurtured,
you are secure. Stay calm and you shall be in my arms some day. 

Friday, 5 April 2019

my experiential learning

My experiential learning:

Age isn't a determinant 
of our choices and actions in life. 
It isn't an indicator of our maturity either. 
We do what we do, we are who we are, 
shaped by our lived experiences. 
We might claim we are independent, 
but we really inter-are. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Is it?

They say it isn't yours
You claim it is
And I stand in between
Isn't and is

The fence

If I jump into 'it is'
I shall do so pleasurably
filled with deep respect
honouring you forever

If I jump into 'it isn't'
I shall do so disappointingly
Emptied of feelings
thinking of you no more

But for now, I'm on the fence

I know not the truth
I know not the lie either
You must tell me
I must hear from you

Will you?

Friday, 29 March 2019

ask not

what stuff am i made of
you might ask
and there’d be no answer
to that

we’re not made of stuff
we are who we are
we become who we become
as we change


for the bones
and blood
and all other organs
that you and i
are made of

(also impermanent)

everything else
by what we experience
which may not be
for me 
what it is 
for you

ask not