Thursday, 3 September 2015

When the curtains are drawn

I shared this at the 1st Bloggers Conference, 22 August 2015.

We all have those moments (a brief second) that spark off words we waste no time in penning down. One such moment for me was when I looked at a photograph of light entering through a window that had the curtains drawn. It produced these lines. 

When the curtains are drawn,
it’s like the world enters your life -

shedding light,

We may see, we may not;
we may feel, we may not;
we may learn, we may not;

but the blank space
gets filled with unspoken words and emotions -

of love, hurt;
peace, troubles;
healed souls, painful moments.

Stories float around -
noticed, unnoticed;
and when grabbed,
put onto paper,
we enter the world, feel a part.

Lonesome days, in the past;
and todays, promising
of tomorrows.

...when the curtains are drawn.

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