Saturday, 13 December 2014

through children's eyes...

With my heart going through waves of light-to-heavy emotions, I watched this documentary film a little while ago - 'Born into Brothels' - a film by Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski. I like to see and understand all kinds of worlds... and this was of a kind... a world through the eyes of children. 
I was listening to innocent little children speak their minds and express their hidden dreams. I was amazed at their laughter despite the harshness of their lives. I was touched by how they coped with the reality of situations around them. And, most of all, I was saddened that they were deprived of education and opportunities; and how a little external help could actually take them to unimaginable heights of thrilling experiences.

Yes, they learned a bit of photography and their photographs were in exhibitions, widely appreciated. You should've seen their excitement, it's heartwarming (and heart wrenching at the same time).(Or maybe you've already watched it and I'm the one who's late.)

I quote here two lines of two children that touched my heart the most:

“There is nothing called ‘hope’ in my future.”
“Nobody here understands anything but money.”

And, my own lines that emerged as I watched the film... especially those children's eyes:

a far away look –
those eyes narrate a story
of a life not theirs

Thursday, 11 December 2014

lying down silent...

lying down silent
preying - no more a business
feeling gentle, meek
overtaken by peace, love
this world looks a lot different

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