Tuesday, 21 July 2015

meeting Rima

Photo courtesy: Rima Reyka

I feel lucky and blessed when I meet genuine and positive people. They inspire me to live my life positively and to see the brighter side of things. I met one such person and her name is Rima Reyka. No, she isn’t older than me or senior to me by work experience. But, yes, she is more mature in her thinking and more positive in her attitude. She isn’t from my country, she’s from Singapore! Having been to her country twice many years ago, on official visit, it almost feels like there’s a karmic connection with the place. I remember being very impressed with the Singaporeans I met there. They showed great competence and professionalism. The school teachers I had the fortune of meeting were very caring of their students and that was a bonus for the teacher part of me.   

My first contact (and ongoing) with Rima was on facebook. I then discovered that she blogs, so I started following her blog. In fact, it’s thanks to her that I’m back to blogging regularly after quite a long break. Both her facebook statuses and her blogposts are very positive, depicting the serene beauty of everything she comes into contact with or experiences. Some of her facebook statuses are also very informative, laden with inspirational messages. I would easily place her in the category of role models for young people. It’s also nice to know that she reads books regularly. How I wish Bhutanese in general had the habit of reading! It would keep them engaged meaningfully, luring them away from undesirable temptations (you know what I mean).

Perhaps, both Rima and I were very curious about each other. There was a keenness on both sides to meet in person. I was fortunate that she made it to Bhutan; my visiting Singapore seeming near impossible. (*sigh*) The first opportunity to meet her was at a Bloggers’ Meet, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the meet due to domestic inconvenience. And then, I learned from her facebook statuses that she was visiting various places – as far as the east. She seemed well occupied and I was hesitant to ask if we could meet. After all, she was having a gala time with people of her age group. (*wink wink*)

Then, I happened to see a facebook status of hers yesterday that said it was her last day here in Bhutan. I hadn’t expected that and I was consumed by guilt of not having been able to take the initiative to meet her. As is characteristic of her – quick and proactive – she asked if we could meet for coffee and I was thrilled. I accepted and we managed to spend nearly two hours chit-chatting over a cup of tea (hers honey lemon tea, mine Darjeeling tea) at the popular Ambient Cafe. (*smile smile*)

I think I talked too much. (*grin grin*) I really think so, but she took it kindly. She said she enjoyed it; I hope so. I guess it was a rare occasion for me and so I must’ve been overly excited. Getting to know her better through face-to-face conversation was indeed a cherishable moment. I learned she hadn’t heard of or been to Jambayang Resort, from where you get a beautiful night view of Thimphu (I told her). She hadn’t been to Royal Thimphu College either. I think she’ll make it a point to go to these places on her next visit. (*smile, wink*)

Today, she’s gone back to her country. I don’t, however, consider it a goodbye…’cause we’re well connected on facebook and blogosphere as well as google+. I have much respect for her and wish her a successful career and life, also looking forward to her visiting Bhutan again so that I can treat her to my homemade Bhutanese dishes. (*Ahem!*) Her facebook statuses and blogposts tell me she’s very fond of food…and how amazing that she cooks Bhutanese dishes! (*smile*)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

hopes stand tall

photo courtesy: Nawang Gyelsheen

our hopes stand tall, in silence
like the quiet arrival of evening
the sky covered in pink drape
hearts beating at faster pace
a rush of colour on soft cheeks
tired eyes welling up with joy
the day might have been busy
but the evening brings faith
of a bright promising morning
refreshed for another day's toil

Sunday, 12 July 2015

now that you're no more

This is an ode to my late brother, whom we (family) couldn't help save himself no matter how hard we tried.

When you were around
all attempts of saving you
fruitless - turning against us.
Now that you’re no more
and your memories linger,
possibilities I see galore
like they were mocking me.
We’re singing songs together.
We’re creating magic together.
All your anger – vanished!

When you were around
I yearned for your smiles
but they hardly appeared.
Now that you’re no more
and your memories linger,
your laughter, I hear a lot
like it were talking to me.
We are dancing together.
We are leaping with joy.
All your pain – vanished!

When you were around
I wished you were busy
but your life lay wasted.
Now that you’re no more
and your memories linger,
your life’s too busy for evil
like love had cast its spell.
We’re on outings together.
We’re at parties together.
All your hatred – vanished!

When you were around
you seemed the only one
the way you were – lost.
Now that you’re no more
and your memories linger,
in my life another like you
as if you were born again.
He and I create possibilities
of life being lived unwasted
of life being saved with love.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

one as lovely as the other

One - as lovely as
the other – on the same floor
they dance merrily;
both colours a joyous sight,
complementing each other.

And I often wonder -
what’s in a colour? any
is as beautiful -
and the difference no matter;
each has its own identity.

Why do we compare?
Why do we measure their worth?
How do we know?
So what that we’re all different?
We share the same one planet.

We’re all connected
in marvelously strange ways.
We all love laughter.
We all weep when we have to.
And how we yearn for a hug!

Pink or red, both share
green, brown, under the same blue.
Both feel the same rain.
So, what’s the fuss anyway?
Each of us – a life to live.