Sunday, 16 August 2015

Our space no more

This space that I now have to myself, I'm loving it
even as I miss being in yours that now forbids me
because there are others and more to come.

My space was once yours and mostly yours;
to have believed yours would also be mine
was my own naivety, not seeing far enough.

That times change, modern replaces tradition;
youth build their own culture, adult on their own;
and generations apart, we live in different worlds.

We are now in separate spaces, one roof above.
One kitchen, different eating spaces - often alone -
and a television in each occupied space closed.

The outside space is neither yours nor mine,
yet to meet you there a near impossible thing -
the space conquered by your generation.

My space is lonely even as I love being in it
'cause it's cold - out of love and tender care.
So I rejoice in the new outside space of friends.

A new family is born in this space of friends;
your space and my space, no more our space.
You and I - our relationship now a matter of deal!