Sunday, 21 June 2015

today - one such day

Today –
one such day –
that I hope…
when I look up at the stars
my wish will be granted…
like sugar icing is sprinkled on cake
coriander on salad
masala on curry
paint on canvas
water on soil
words on paper
and there’s a song of joy -
the joy of being a joy.

Everybody has a wish -
once in a while - don’t we?
What makes one undeserving?
I cannot bring myself to think;
I can only imagine the stars being pleased.
Perhaps I think kindly of them.

Yet it’s not that my heart doesn’t sing -
the song of joy –
that springs from my garden of gratitude
of being alive and living
budding, blooming
budding again, blooming again;
a life akin to flowers,
but more than flowering.

it’s just a fancy passing thought –
wishing for the stars’ favour
as if they had every reason to
and I was the Chosen One.

When I see the stars –
the way they shine so bright –
they appear to smile at me
and I’m pleased
like a little child given a lollipop.
I smile back – a child’s smile, I’m sure –
a musical flutter in my heart…
like a butterfly’s landing on a flower.

But who’s to stop this mind of mine
from turning to the stars,
It’s nature’s gift,
my hope natural -
my wish to be granted
and to think the stars
will do the honours.

Who doesn’t have a wish?
Everybody does.
I do too.
For me to say I don’t,
I would have to bury myself
deep down,
where I can be quietened,
my mind shut down.

Now, THAT I wouldn’t wish
- ever!

This earth holds us for a reason
that I must honour –
the least I can do.

But today –
one such day –
that I have this wish,
the reason is beyond reasoning.

I shall wait for the stars
to paint the sky
tonight -
like any other night –
my wish to be granted,
that I can unfalteringly
breathe out happiness
to de-polute the air
of anger and hatred.

perhaps you see me dance
more merrily?

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