Thursday, 18 June 2015

a matter of choice

When we shut down our minds, we live in a box. The box can only be filled and we might just take what we’re given. 

What we have that we can give may have no space other than the box itself. The box eventually gets crammed. 

We feel suffocated. No air to breathe. Unhealthy. Our minds lack nourishment. The rest is quite obvious. 

We do what our dying minds can afford and our actions get feeble. In time, our bodies shut down and we walk about like zombies. 

Now, somebody might ask, “Can’t you empty the box?” 

I’d say, “To empty the box, the mind has to be opened...set free.” 

It’s really a matter of choice, but some choices need courage. The courage comes from our integrity to things that matter.

If we have the might to endure the pain of being who we're not, 
we most likely can sail through the risks of freedom.

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