Monday, 22 June 2015

She takes a blade

I attempted this Haibun (combination of two poems - a prose poem and haiku, popularized by the 17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho) not long ago after watching the movie 'Hemlock Society.'

She takes a blade. Her hands shake, as she sobbingly holds it above her wrist. Her hair, her clothes, are all wet from standing under the shower. Her tears flow in unison with the water, unabated. She is heartbroken! Her man has been caught kissing another girl.

The blade failing its business, she curls up in bed. Her sobs won't stop. She feels hurt. She feels anger. She hears screams inside her head.

Restless, she stands on her bed, shirking off her feelings in ugly vigorous gestures. Off her bed, she throws every object in sight, her screams muffled. What else can she do?

Dying is her only option at this moment of despair. The blade fails her, so she schemes another way of ending her deeply felt unbearable sorrow. Next moment, she is at the door of her father’s place, ringing the doorbell anxiously.

the moon half smiles – at
a distance, a shadow-dance
her heartbeat racing

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