Monday, 8 June 2015

a moment, one morning

a moment today -
a car starting and a snore,
a woman’s stern voice,
sweet little children screaming
and the busy road below

and yes, yet again,
another car starting – loud!
a man’s snore - louder
as if in a noise contest
for the day’s precious award

while I still in bed
wondering about the weather
anxious of tremors
loud noises outside rolling
hardly escaping my ears

just another day
yet different - the way it feels
a soft subtleness
and news on tv reminds
of impermanence, lost souls

my mind – it travels
to a small mourning nation
in devastation
endless compassion flowing in
from good souls near far and wide

to other nations -
where girls molested, murdered
poor farmers hope lost
people warring and killing
corruption, injustice, lies

at the same time
a deep longing in my heart…
for my village folks
my daughter far far away
my son in the land next door

snore getting louder
more and more cars starting
I’m helplessly conscious
of fear lurking in my mind
and I ask, “What would Buddha do?”

suddenly a yawn
I turn slowly to my left
a sweet smile greets me
I smile back, stretching my arms
a tight hug, a warm kiss – bliss

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