Monday, 18 May 2015

in between classes

"You know what? I think he looks like Bruce Willis,” I say in what to me is a soft voice with a ring of excitement.  

My friends and I have just had lunch and are walking back from the cafeteria to the faculty building.

The weather is fine. Sunny. Perhaps the reason we are pretty chirpy. (Can't be the distasteful lunch, for sure!)

“Really? Bruce Willis?” one of my friends blurts out, giving me a mildly screwed up look.

"In fact, a better version, I think," I add, emphatically, my left eye managing a quick wink.  

"Mmm..." she mutters, her face expression clearly indicating disagreement. She doesn’t say anything more. She doesn't have to.

The other friends… hmmm… they are silent on this subject. Are they embarrassed? Shy? Not interested? No idea. Never mind.

I am, however, certain they don't know looking like Bruce Willis isn't a big deal for me. No. Not at all. Trust me. 

Bruce Willis isn’t my favourite Hollywood actor, nor my idea of handsome or good looking. I just uttered what my eyes conveyed to me. I swear I did.

Believe me?

sunny afternoon
in between classes, teachers
walking mindfully

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