Monday, 25 May 2015

empowered to disempower

I think empowerment is also about being able to stand up for what’s NOT right and being able to tell the nation or world, “It’s NOT ok”…and fighting for justice, while at the same time we ourselves remaining true to good principles. The danger, of course, is abusing ‘empowerment’ to defend ourselves even when we’re wrong…just to safeguard our image (?). But then, the irony is in the court of justice itself…when the wrong doer is proven right by the defendant’s lawyer because there’s no evidence (or weak evidence) to prove him/her guilty of wrongdoing…and the lawyer uses his/her skills to defend because that’s his/her job and that’s what he/she’s paid for. 

On the other hand, we do also talk about everybody making mistakes, nobody being perfect (in fact, there being no such thing as perfect according to newer thinking) and everybody deserving a second chance. EVERYBODY! 

It’s a hugely complicated world of hypocrisy that we live in, I’ve gathered. What are we going to fix? Or, is it really about fixing? Is something fundamentally gone messy or is it the work of the Universe to keep the balance balanced? 

Are our voices becoming noises? Are we just righteousness-conscious (by virtue of living in the box we were put in by formal education), and don’t even know what we’re talking about, what we mean (because we are good at parroting)? 

Or, are we trying to prove our ‘individual’ selves right about everything and seeking attention and recognition…of the ‘grand’ order? If so, we better be well informed to validate what we feel empowered to say or do. Otherwise, I think we’re recklessly minding everybody else’s business, our own business missing the bus…

...leading to dis-empowerment.

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