Wednesday, 20 May 2015

a dream

My feet firm on the ground,
I know not where I am exactly;
for I am surrounded by clouds -
they must have come for me.

Birds appear to signal a warning
and I can’t seem to understand.
Above, darkness spreads its wings;
on my head, weights heavily land.

Beneath my feet the ground cracks,
tiny rings of cloud grabbing my legs.
Hopelessly motionless, I stand still -
a window opens itself and begs.

I see more clouds, more darkness.
Am I stuck in between life and death?
Do I move right through the window?
Do I turn around, catch my lost breath?

A dilemma strangely enveloping me;
birds getting crazier as in circles they fly.
One last time, I must think fast and decide -
which of the two worlds do I bid goodbye?

The question ringing in my head -
awake in bed – my body stiff.
What a dream! What a relief!
Of a good breakfast, I get a whiff.

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