Sunday, 17 January 2016

at a lovely park

Found this also in my 2014 working folder on my laptop... 

It was a lovely park. Dema was relaxing on the green ground. The air smelled fresh and breathing felt good.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dema saw a familiar face pass by… to her right. It was a bright roundish face, almost bursting into a smile.

However, Dema was frozen stiff. She realized it was the face of a friend who had passed away recently. How come she could see her? Why?

Frighteningly, a hand reached out and touched Dema on her forehead with the palm of the hand. Brilliant light rays emanated from the point of contact.

Dema was scared. Trembling with fear, she tried to call out to her mother. Her voice failed. There was no sound and Dema couldn’t move.

With her voice still caught at her throat, Dema managed to stand up on her feet. Her first thought was to take flight. She turned around and ran to where her mom was.

As she sat next to her mom and laid her head on her mom’s lap, she found her voice.

Mom! Mom! Mom!”

Dema awoke in bed, sobbing. It was past midnight. Her whole body was trembling. She couldn’t stop crying. It went on and on and on… for quite a while.

Her husband awoke. She moved close to his side. Curling up, she closed her eyes.

The sound of her sobs was gradually becoming softer as her husband gently rubbed her head and said, “Shhhhhh…go to sleep.”

I had a frightening dream.”

It’s ok. We’ll talk about it later. Now, sleep.”

A last long sigh of relief… and Dema sobbed no more.

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