Friday, 17 January 2014

There comes a time...

There comes a time in the lives of those that suffer or live in a shell/cocoon when they say, "I've had enough of this bullshit!"

I've seen some come out of their cocoon and face the world bravely... to show what they're really made of. I admire such people.

It doesn't take rocket science to imagine their lives in the cocoon. Why should they even live like that when they were so divinely brought into this world to be someone and do something great?

The reality is such people are hardly extended a helping hand to come out of their cocoon. It's nobody-gives-a-shit! Once they are out, it suddenly becomes everybody's business and some have the audacity to indirectly claim a share of the credit.

Such is humanity... and we talk a lot... talk too much... have too much written...

But, it would be unfair not to mention that there are people with extended hands and open arms... you would know if you are one of them and if you are, hats off to you!

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