Wednesday, 29 January 2014

not a conclusion, just a feeling

Watched the movie 'The Book Thief' yesterday and this is what went on in my mind... not a conclusion (I can't possibly conclude), just a feeling (I CAN feel)...

The true meaning of "strong," "brave" and "love" are in the past
They live in books, those very words un-uttered
Pictures of stern faces, crying hearts well concealed
Going about daily chores... unperturbed
So little to eat, so few to wear, so tiny the space
Yet, managing… and still having some to give others
Reasons - millions - to break down in tears, to give up life
But, living moment by moment,
Any waiting... done patiently, silently
Injustice to call it dispassion!
So much going on underneath, the surface just a face

And, today, you and I… we complain too much
We talk a lot, do much less
We glorify… and we’re not even brave
We fight for more… as if enough is injustice
Where’s the time to really love?
Wherein lies our strength?
Do we even have the courage to just be?
Everything – A hypocricy! A mockery! 

'The Book Thief' makes me ashamed of my complaints (as if enough were injustice)... of my glorification (as if I've made much difference)... and of my claims of love, strength and courage (as if they hold any true meaning)...

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