Saturday, 12 July 2014

Her Light

Into her light, they entered  -
the windows of her soul 
open for them; and
into darkness, they threw her, 
as if they now owned that light of hers.

Acceptable it was to her 
that  they couldn’t create their own light;
but, disappointingly, they stooped so low 
as to take away her light -
depriving her of her own creation, 
that had taken years of pain and sweat.

If only she had the courage 
to close her soul’s windows 
to them forever…
The truth was 
she would always keep them open, 
out of compassion…

And maybe some day, 
that light will shine through those windows -
enough for her and them -
their lives being lived harmoniously;
her life back to a whole, 
with invigorated fervour of dreaming,
like everybody else -
they theirs; 
she, her own… 
and everything falling into place. 

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